Full moon

Today, there was a full moon on a clear night-sky. So, I took this photo with my new DSLR camera using a tripod to avoid the vibrations when going handheld. I would say that this came out well. Objective: 140 mmAperture: F14Shutter: 1/125ISO: 100

New gear!

I decided to upgrade the camera I use for my photograph-birds-in-my-garden project. Instead of using a smartphone, I invested in the entry-level Nikon D3500 DSLR camera. The quality of the pictures are of course very much improved 🙂

Great Tit

I decided to see how many different bird spicies I could spot in my garden. I will document this by taking a photo trough the windows facing the garden – so the photos will not be perfect, but this is ok for this purpose. The first one was the Great Tit which latin name is…

A simple weather station

I decided to build a Raspberry Pi based weather station inspired of how other people did this. The items used to build the station was: Raspberry Pi 4 BME280 Temperature Humidity Pressure Sensor DS18B20 Temperature sensor 5V 4A 20W Switching Power Supply Python 2.7 Adafruit Python libraries for BME280 MySQL Python Connector Everything is mounted…